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Table 3 Chloroplast genome download information

From: The speciation and adaptation of the polyploids: a case study of the Chinese Isoetes L. diploid-polyploid complex

Species Accession number
I. butleri NC_038071.1
I. engelmannii NC_038080.1
I. flaccida NC_014675.1
I. graniticola NC_039821.1
I. malinverbiana NC_040924.1
I. mattaponica NC_039703.1
I. melanospora NC_038072.1
I. nuttallii NC_038073.1
I. piedmontana NC_040925.1
I. sinensis MN172503.1
I. taiwanensis MF149843.1
I. valida NC_038074.1
I. yunguiensis NC_041146.1