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Table 1 Human Gene Families used in Analysis

From: An insight into the phylogenetic history of HOX linked gene families in vertebrates

Gene family Members Chr Location Human Protein Accession No Molecular Function
Fbrillar collagen family     
  COL2A1 12q13.11-q13.2 P02458 Extracellular matrix structural constituent, Structural constituent of bone, Phosphate transport, Cell adhesion, Skeletal development, Perception of sound.
  COL3A1 2q31 P02461  
  COL5A2 2q14-q32 Q7KZ55  
  COL1A2 7q22.1 P08123  
  COL1A1 17q21.33 P02452  
ERBB receptor protein-tyrosine kinase     
  ERBB2 17q21.1 Q96RT1 Epidermal growth factor receptor activity, Protein serine/threonine kinase activity, Electron transporter activity, Cell proliferation, ATP binding.
  EGFR 7p12 P00533  
  ERBB4 2q33.3-q34 Q15303  
  ERBB3 12q13 P21860  
Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein     
  IGFBP4 17q12-q21.1 P22692 Regulation of cell growth, Signal transduction, Skeletal development Cell proliferation.
  IGFBP1 7p13-p12 P08833  
  IGFBP2 2q33-q34 P18065  
  IGFBP6 12q13 P24592  
  IGFBP3 7p13-p12 P17936  
  IGFBP5 2q33-q36 P24593  
Integrin beta chain family     
  ITGB3 17q21.32 P05106 Receptor activity, Cell-matrix adhesion, Integrin-mediated signaling pathway.
  ITGB5 3q21.2 P18084  
  ITGB6 2q24.2 P18564  
  ITGB7 12q13.13 P26010  
  ITGB4 17q25 P16144  
  ITGB8 7p15.3 P26012  
Myosin light chain     
  MYL4 17q21-qter P12829 Phosphoprotein phosphatase activity, Structural constituent of muscle, Muscle development, Microfilament motor activity.
  MYL6 12q13.2 P60660  
  MYL1 2q33-q34 P06741  
  MYL7 7p21-p11.2 Q01449  
  MYL2 12q23-q24.3 P10916  
Sp1 c2h2-type zinc-finger protein family     
  SP1 12q13.1 P08047 RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity.
  SP2 17q21.32 Q02086  
  SP3 2q31 Q02447  
  SP4 7p15 Q02446  
  SP8 7p21.2 Q8IXZ3  
Zinc finger protein, subfamily 1A     
  ZNFN1A1 7p13-p11.1 Q13422 DNA-dependent regulation of transcription, Specification and the maturation of the lymphocyte.
  ZNFN1A2 2qter Q9UKS7  
  ZNFN1A3 17q21 Q9UKT9  
  ZNFN1A4 12q13 Q96JP3  
Anion exchanger family SLC4A (AE)     
  SLC4A1 17q21-q22 P02730 Inorganic anion exchanger activity, Bicarbonate transport, Chloride transport.
  SLC4A2 7q35-q36 P04920  
  SLC4A3 2q36 P48751  
  SLC4A5 2p13 Q14203  
  SLC4A8 12q13 O95233  
  SLC4A10 2q23-q24 Q9HCQ6  
GLI zinc-finger protein family     
  GLI1 12q13.2-q13.3 P08151 Regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter, Morphogenesis of limb and brain.
  GLI2 2q14 P10070  
  GLI3 7p13 P10071  
Hedgehog family     
  SHH 7q36 Q15465 Mesodermal cell fate determination, Proteolysis and peptidolysis, Cell-cell signaling, Intein-mediated protein splicing.
  DHH 12q12-q13.1 O43323  
  IHH 2q33-q35 Q14623  
  INHBA 7p15-p13 P08476 Cytokine activity, Growth factor activity, Induction of apoptosis, Mesoderm development, Defense response.
  INHBB 2cen-q13 P09529  
  INHBC 12q13.1 P55103  
  INHBE 12q13.3 P58166